Are You Closing Down Your Internal IT Department?

Orange Crew takes the pressure of IT maintenance off you and your staff and allows you to get your work done without worrying about HOW your IT systems work.

10 Reasons You Should Hire External IT Support

External IT support takes the pressure of IT maintenance off you and your staff and allows you to get your work done without worrying about HOW your IT systems work.
Here are 10 benefits you can reap for your business by hiring an outsourced IT support company.

  • Access to super talented and experienced industry specialists
  • Increased effectiveness through business workflow integrations
  • Cost-effective – Reduced and consistent IT budget costs
  • Scalable IT packages
  • Professionals caring for your IT systems
  • Minimization of IT risks
  • Access to working IT strategies and implementation
  • Constant routine monitoring and maintenance
  • Business automation
  • Increased competitive advantage leveraging newer, proven technologies

Who Make Awesome Clients For Our Orange County Services?

The Orange Crew employs a team of technical specialists who represent a tremendous amount of experience across a wide spectrum of some of the most technically challenging IT environments today. This fieldwork has enabled our staff to apply their knowledge across a diverse group of industries to help our Orange County and Los Angeles area customers to have fully functional and optimized IT networks and systems to support their needs.

Among the industries we currently serve are:

Accounting Firms


Engineering and Design Firms

Law Offices

Non-profits and Charter Schools

Small to Mid-Size Companies

Why Trust Orange Crew?

Trust is best earned over time, but who can you trust with business IT support? When business is involved, money is involved. When money is involved, greed can become a factor. A great place to start is with a company like Orange Crew. We have taken the time to show why we should earn your trust by sharing what we do with our Fruitful IT Solutions.

Reasons Why Orange Crew Is The Best IT Services Company In Orange & LA County:

We have been delivering complete care service since 2002 and have created mature processes that have been refined over the past 20 years. We have developed trust over that 20-year period, which is multiple lifetimes in the IT world.
We provide stability of operation and control the cost of IT Management and keep it consistently low. System uptime and stable costs are critical to business growth. We understand the importance of keeping the business running and can be trusted to keep the lights on.
We will have a tech working on your problem within 10 minutes of your call. We recognize the importance of uptime and the impact of unplanned outages. You will not be left waiting.
We provide detailed network reports to help you make purchasing and business decisions. Together we make decisions that are in the best interest for your business, not what suits us.
We are a core crew and outside consultants with different responsibilities: Maintenance Team, Support Team, Dispatch, Integration Team, Account Management, and Finance. These teams work to provide a first-class experience to our clients. Small teams help trust to grow as there is a more personal touch. We build relationships – staff are people, rather than resources.
We show our clients how to save money on Internet and phone bills, and how they can pay large portions of their support contracts with the savings. By providing cost-effective solutions, you can allocate spending to more important areas of your business.
We earn your business every day. If you lose trust in us or are not 100% satisfied you are not contractually bound to us. We trust in our ability to keep your business through excellent service.