Comprehensive IT Support for Accounting & Financial Firms

Can IT Support Help Streamline My Accounting and Financial Services Business?

Where Can I Get An IT Support Team in Orange County That Won’t Let Me Down?

Technology is quickly and permanently disrupting entire industries. The accounting industry hasn’t been spared, with organizations grappling with automation and how to leverage technology to stay ahead in the competitive market.

Many accounting firms have a rocky relationship with technology. They have to balance between deploying emerging technologies, maintaining legacy applications, and addressing the changing needs in the workforce.

The courage to adopt innovative IT solutions is imperative if accounting and financial services firms hope to survive the onslaught. They can’t afford to put up with shoddy IT contractors or unprofessional IT personnel who can’t keep up with emerging tech developments. Orange Crew is at the forefront in offering fruitful IT solutions to the accounting and financial services industry. Our team of IT professionals keeps a finger on the tech pulse, ensuring you get the best technical solutions to existing problems while preparing for future developments.

Working with Orange Crew, your accounting or financial services business always has access to:

External IT support takes the pressure of IT maintenance off you and your staff and allows you to get your work done without worrying about HOW your IT systems work.
Here are 10 benefits you can reap for your business by hiring an outsourced IT support company.

  • A team of dedicated IT professionals at your disposal ready to tackle tech problems as they arise
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance of critical IT assets to minimize downtime and boost staff productivity
  • A responsive help desk – responding to questions from your workforce
  • Technical capacity to scale and quickly adapt to the changing business landscape
  • The latest technology and expertise supporting your organization’s growth
  • Predictable pricing with no hidden fees eliminating any budgeting uncertainties
  • Professional support for popular and custom software applications facilitating smooth integration

What is Managed IT Support?

Managed IT support is an IT support strategy that takes a proactive stance to identify and fix problems before they impact your business. The comprehensive model reduces unnecessary delays caused when waiting for technicians to come to your premises. By implementing secure, remote monitoring tools, our team can address the bulk of technical problems preemptively without physically coming to your premises or disrupting your staff or your workflow.

Benefits for accounting firms in Orange County and surrounding areas include:

With services offered on affordable, predictable, transparent, and fixed monthly plans that cover everything and reduces the need for additional in-house personnel.
Access to diverse IT professionals that can solve a variety of technical problems and offer advice on security, workflow, and compliance best practices.
Advice for and implementation of IT policies designed to help you comply with regulatory requirements on data privacy, security, etc.
Proactive monitoring and systems patching to keep hackers, malware, and corporate spies out.

What Services Can You Expect From The Orange Crew IT Support Providers?

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Business Continuity


Help Desk

Office 365