IT and Network Security Services

Protecting your IT systems and company databases against hacking attacks, data leaks, and data losses, as well as ransomware, is a must for companies large and small.

What Do I Need to Know About Adopting Active and Passive IT Security Measures to Protect Your Orange County Business?

Protecting your IT systems and company databases against hacking attacks, data leaks, and data losses, as well as ransomware, is a must for companies large and small. The number of hacking attempts is growing daily, and malicious software is getting increasingly sophisticated. Hackers and automated bots scan the online space for vulnerable networks, stealing data and planting ransomware on corporate IT systems.

Implementing preventive security measures and adopting passive IT defense practices requires both professional assessments of your digital assets and networks as well as the implementation of advanced tools and methods to protect them. Orange Crew specializes in protecting your company databases and your customers’ data to secure your business systems and web properties.

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What Active IT Security Measures Do I Need to Implement?

Latest IT security practices require the adoption of proactive methods to spot vulnerabilities and detect threats before they penetrate your systems. Most data breaches occur due to unpatched or unaddressed vulnerabilities that enable malicious agents to steal data and install viruses or sniffing software on your servers and PCs.
A proactive IT security service actively scans your network ports for vulnerabilities and checks every incoming and outgoing file for malicious code. Active defenses include:

Network traffic scanners

Identification of
source and
destination IP addresses

Analysis of
suspicious network

Traditional and heuristic scans for viruses

Passive IT security is the first line of defense for your digital and online assets. To adopt a viable strategy for using the best practices in IT security, you will need to collaborate with IT specialists and also actively educate your employees and business associates.

It all starts with user rights and permissions – providing the right login credentials to the right people is essential. All of your employees should have the proper system access rights, and only a handful of people should have an administrator’s credentials to manage your entire IT infrastructure.

Sounds easy right? But it’s hard to implement. Contemporary IT infrastructures comprise numerous servers and workstations as well as various cloud assets and software apps by different vendors. A good number of small and medium-sized businesses are performing many tasks on mobile devices and in the cloud, which further complicates the implementation of a working IT security strategy.

Our certified IT professionals can do the heavy lifting for you and assist you in adopting an IT security strategy that comprises active and passive security practices to make your digital assets as safe as possible.

Once you have a working IT security strategy in place, you should be thinking about engaging Orange Crew for additional services to enhance your overall cybersecurity defenses. Those include data backup and recovery services that enable you to return to normal operation should a software failure or hacking attack occurs and removes your access to data.

A comprehensive network protection strategy is made of active and passive IT security measures, but it is more than that. A knowledgeable provider of IT security services will also take care of your data and computer backups to guarantee your business continuity.