Improve Business Results with the IT Solutions Orange County Businesses Need

Learn what managed IT services can mean for your Orange County business, helping drive efficiency, save money and keep data and systems reliable and secure.  

Orange County businesses need IT solutions that help them remain competitive, improve efficiency and operations and make an impact on customers. When choosing the right IT solutions Orange County companies need to find a partner that delivers on technology that drives results.

For IT solutions Orange County companies look to managed services providers, which typically offer a range of solutions designed to fit small- and medium-sized businesses. Managed services providers can provide customized solutions that fit your company and its unique technology needs.

What IT Services Do Managed Service Providers Offer?

Managed services providers have an array of product offerings that serve small- and medium-sized Orange County businesses. Among the most common components of a managed IT services contract are:

  • Cloud services

    for hosting of company data, applications and systems, all via an accessible, secure and intuitive interface

  • IT consultation services 

    to advise your business on how to plan and budget for technology needs in the present and future

  • Help-desk services 

    that use a ticketing system to organize and prioritize requests from your employees and other users. In most cases, highly skilled help-desk professionals can solve issues with software or hardware remotely via a secure connection. Look for a managed services provider that offers extended hours and emergency after-hours support

  • VoIP services

    that deliver business telephone and other communications solutions to keep employees, customers, clients and partners connected

  • Software solutions 

    to improve connectivity, including Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite, both of which are cloud-based tools to manage common business applications

  • Vendor management 

    to organize and coordinate interactions with your hardware, software and other technology providers

What Are the Benefits of Using an Orange County IT Consulting Firm?

With managed IT services your business:

  • Saves Money. 

    With a predictable monthly rate for IT services, your business no longer needs to worry about unexpected repair and upgrade costs. You’ll also reduce your internal IT staffing costs, allowing those resources to be reallocated.

  • New Technology

    Your managed services provider knows about technologies that will help your business. As a virtual chief information officer, your technology partner can help you leverage new technologies ahead of competitors.

  • More Efficiency

    New technology that’s integrated and optimized helps your employees work and manage time better.

  • Scalability

    Whether your company is in a growth mode or has seasonal fluctuations, you need a solution for data management and storage that can adjust as needed. Cloud computing solutions help you change needed space quickly and affordably.

  • Compliance

    Many businesses are subject to regulatory mandates that require accurate data collection and reporting, along with comprehensive security processes to protect data. Your managed services provider helps create the right infrastructure to accommodate all your compliance requirements.

  • Performance Reliability

    Managed services providers helps assure that the quality and stability of your technology performance is at a maximum.

  • Resources Management

    When you outsource IT functions, you’ll discover that you have more staff and management resources available to work on your highest business priorities.

  • Vendor Relations

    Your business likely interacts with many technology vendors. Let your managed services provider create IT solutions Orange County businesses need to manage vendor relationships, from serving as the first point of contact for administrative, warranty, license, upgrade and troubleshooting needs.

How Can I Protect My Business from Cyberattacks?

One of the most important aspects of your managed services is cybersecurity. Your managed services provider should offer the following comprehensive security solutions:

  • Next-generation firewalls

    that monitor your networks and traffic, identifying, containing and eradicating any suspicious activity

  • Data backup solutions

    that keep information securely stored and accessible when needed

  • Anti-virus, anti-phishing and anti-spam

    solutions that keep problems away from users

  • Best practices

    for password management and mobile device management

  • Disaster recovery planning 

    to minimize downtime should a natural or manmade incident occur

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