How Can You Tell It’s Time To Fire Your One-Man IT Support?

There are few decisions as crucial as who you’re going to work with to get the IT services you need. No matter what industry you’re in, you rely on technology in some way to power your operations.

That’s why it’s essential that you find the right IT company. The right technology support minimizes downtime and increases convenience in the workplace.

Unfortunately, when many businesses start out, they opt for limited and (supposedly) more cost-effective services. They choose these “one-man” IT support operations – IT guys that run from client to client trying to fix problems.

Unfortunately, this inevitably leads to ongoing issues:

  • The client can’t get a response from their overworked IT support
  • When IT support does show up, the solutions they provide don’t last
  • The client gets nickel-and-dimed for all these visits, costing them more than they budgeted for

This was the situation for one of Orange Crew’s clients, a member of the real estate industry with more than a hundred employees, and a quarter-century in business. Whereas at one time they could possibly have been properly supported by a one-man IT team, those days were long gone when they approached Orange Crew for help.

IT Support For Orange County Business

How Did Orange Crew Help The Client?

Thanks to our team and extensive resources, Orange Crew was able to deliver the level of support and response that the client needed to keep their IT running smoothly. The Orange Crew team executed the following changes to improve the client’s IT experience:

  • Updated Cybersecurity Technology: In order to make sure their systems are properly protected, we upgraded and standardized the clients’ firewalls to industry-leading Meraki hardware.
  • Improved Collaboration & Communication Capabilities: By deploying 3CX PBX for communication and integrating it with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, we set up a platform through which each and every one of the client’s staff members could stay in touch and collaborate with ease across multiple locations and networks.
  • Enhanced IT Support Services: Our team and support ticketing system helped to vastly improve upon the client’s previous IT support wait times, answering users’ questions and addressing their concerns.
  • Upgraded Their Aging Fleet: Our team created a standard for the client’s hardware to follow, upgrading the users’ PCs on a regular basis to keep them working at optimum efficiency. We manage the entire process, from inventor to purchase, deployment, and training.
  • Lowered IT Costs: Despite all these improvements to their IT environment and support services, Orange Crew actually helped to save the client money in the long run by reducing the cost of monthly services, increasing up time, reducing duplication of efforts, and controlling their licensing cost.

What Is The End Result For The Client?

By delivering a higher standard of IT support and much more extensive IT resources, the Orange Crew team vastly improved the client’s IT experience when compared to a one-man IT team. To this day, Orange Crew provides a range of IT services and responsive support, making sure the client’s systems run effectively, and any support requests are answered quickly. Overall, our service made it easier for the client to expand at a faster pace by shortening the time it took to onboard new properties to manage.

If you’re tired of struggling to get your IT guy on the phone, then it’s time to make a change – doing so will undoubtedly improve your IT experience, and may even save you money.

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