What Can A NOC Do For Your Business?

Want to avoid common IT problems that can set your company back? Discover what a knowledgeable network operations center can do for your IT department.  

A network operations center (NOC) can help your business save time and money, increase profits, improve customer services, and much more. Read on to get to know what a NOC does and how one can best serve your particular industry.

Network Operations Center In Orange County

What is a NOC?

A network operations center is a centralized location where IT technicians work to provide specific service to the business community. IT managed service providers use NOCs to complement the work done by their own technicians. NOC IT technicians and support staff members provide the resources and manpower needed to monitor and service IT equipment 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

How Can a NOC Improve Your IT Set-up?

IT monitoring plays a huge role in keeping your IT equipment secure and in good working order. Remote IT technicians who monitor your IT hardware and software are able to:

  • Catch and address vulnerabilities that could lead to downtime or a breach.
  • Ensure your files are being continually backed up as part of your disaster recovery plan
  • Find ways to optimize your IT infrastructure to enable you to save time and money while providing improved services to your clients
  • Automatically update your software programs to keep them running properly and prevent hacks
  • Boost employee morale by providing your staff with the assurance they need that the IT set-up they use day in and day out won’t break down, run slowly, develop complicated issues or be hacked by cybercriminals.

NOC technicians also work to address any problems that arise quickly and easily. If you need help with your IT hardware and/or software, a NOC technician will categorize your problem based on several factors. The categorization ensures that the right technician is sent out to address the issue. It also provides your IT repairman with the information and tools needed to find and address the root cause of the problem.

Another added benefit of working with a NOC is that the NOC will take on the responsibility of investing in the hardware and software needed to keep your business IT department running smoothly at all times. Will you need additional cloud storage space in the future? You can rent it from your IT MSP. Are you concerned about a new type of ransomware that is making the rounds? Your NOC knows about it and will purchase the latest and best anti-malware programs to combat it.

Introducing The Orange Crew

Naturally, not all remote IT technicians offer the same level of service. Some companies employ technicians that may not have the experience or training needed to handle your IT set-up. Some IT MSPs offer limited tools and services and so may be unable to provide you with the help you need. It’s important to do careful research to ensure that your chosen IT MSP specializes in your industry and has the tools and manpower needed to help you reach your current and future business goals.

The Orange Crew is a leading IT managed service provider that offers NOC services in the state of California. Our firm stands out from the competition because:

  • The Orange Crew has nearly twenty years of experience successfully helping small business owners set up, manage, repair and upgrade their IT departments
  • We organize our in-house IT technicians and outside NOCs to ensure you get the best possible service. Each team specializes in one field, be it integration, account management, maintenance or support. This enables us to offer fast, effective service no matter what
  • We provide detailed IT reports to help you make informed, profitable business decisions
  • We handle each IT call within ten minutes of receiving it

Do you need NOC technicians you can trust to keep your IT systems running safely, quickly, and smoothly at all times? If so, give The Orange Crew a call to learn more about our tools and services, or to make an appointment with one of our IT experts.