Must-Follow Tips for Hiring an Irvine IT Company

Are you managing your business technology or running your company? It can be extremely difficult to do both, which is why many Irvine companies are turning to IT partners for assistance.  

Making a decision to outsource some or all of your technology support can be a bit unnerving. How can you be sure that your partner will be fully invested in your success? Will their communication style match your business? Where should you even begin asking questions beyond the obvious technical inquiries? You know you need a company that has the technical chops to handle your company’s complexity but determining the elusive questions that will help you find a successful partnership can be a challenge. After decades in the technology business, the pros at Orange Crew have found that uncovering the right Irvine IT company could boil down to these three simple tips.

1. Check Their Track Record

Have the IT companies that you’re vetting provided you with a list of their current clients flashed onto the screen during a sales presentation? Or are they actively encouraging you to poke around in their client base and speak to current customers? While it’s great to interview any recommended clients, it’s a good bet that these are going to be the “happy customers” that are guaranteed to give you a happy tale. Go beyond this first line of customer recommendations and look for other contacts in your network that have worked with your prospective IT partners. You’re more likely to get an unvarnished opinion from going outside the provided references to get the real success stories.

2. Look for a Focus on Security and Business Continuity

It’s no secret that cybersecurity is a major issue for companies throughout the world, with costs rising into the trillions of dollars for remediation, notification of customers, consulting time and lost productivity. Your Irvine IT company is often the first line of defense against cybercriminals, providing you with the robust security solutions your business needs to prevent an attack. But what happens after an attack has occurred? Disaster recovery and business continuity strategies and solutions are every bit as important — or more — than preventing the attack in the first place. Cybercrime is endlessly evolving, and you need to not only be preventing attacks but also proactively planning for quick recovery when something slips through your defenses.

3. Find an Irvine IT Company with Exceptional (and Guaranteed!) Response Time

The cost of IT downtime is rising, with companies losing up to $10,000 per hour to technical difficulties. All businesses are different, and not every organization needs a 5-minute guaranteed response time — but some do! Find an Irvine IT company that is willing to work with you to define what “ideal” looks like for your organization, and then be sure that it is documented in your contract. Trusting that your IT services partner has your back requires clear expectations and proactive communication on both sides of the fence, so don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what your business needs and to look around if you’re not comfortable with the answers that you receive.

Irvine IT Company: Orange Crew

Finding an Irvine IT company that can handle the growing needs of your business can dramatically improve your operations and allow your internal teams to focus on innovation — and the future. As the #1 Orange County IT support professionals, the Orange Crew knows what it takes to boost operational efficiency and help reduce IT costs for your business. When you’re ready to let go of the day-to-day stress of IT operations, the Orange Crew gives you the mental space to relax and enjoy running your business . . . and your life. Contact us today at 714-510-2053 or schedule a call online to claim your complimentary initial consultation.