Why Should I Hire An IT Support Firm With Strategic Partners?

The right materials are required if you’re going to build an IT infrastructure with the power and functionality to help a business thrive. Generic IT solutions work well for residential use, but businesses need industry-specific technology solutions to achieve the ideal IT working environment to support their workflow.

The Orange Crew places great value on relationships that are built on trust. That’s why we take very seriously only aligning ourselves with strategic partners who can help our valued Orange County and Los Angeles area clients experience fruitful IT solutions to help them meet their operational objectives. To this end, we carefully screen each potential vendor to be certain their products are in line with our own high standards. We have committed to providing only the very best products, resources, and services to our valued clients. Our strategic partners play a critical role in helping us fulfill this mandate.

The Orange Crew puts our name behind the products and services of our strategic partners, and we don’t do that lightly. The companies that pass our rigorous screening test have been proven to consistently provide the support and collaboration necessary for a mutually successful vendor-client relationship.

Here are a few of our more recognized strategic partners.

  • Leading IT Company in Orange County California


  • Cisco Partner in Orange County


  • Microsoft Partner in Orange County


  • 3cx Partner in Orange County


How Does A Vendor Become A Strategic Partner?

The Orange Crew has carefully crafted a checklist that we apply when considering a vendor for a potential role as one of our strategic partners. Since many companies can come on strong when looking to form alliances with IT support companies, this series of questions helps to separate the sincere from those simply seeking new financial opportunities.

These are the qualities we are looking for in a strategic partner:

  • Proven reliability
  • Reputation for excellence
  • Consistently available troubleshooting and support
  • Stellar IT offerings
  • Dependable products and services

What Are The Orange Crew’s Areas Of Technical Expertise?

Working with certified technicians provides our Orange County and Los Angeles area customers with an additional layer of confidence that their technology is safely in the hands of skilled professionals. Since the certification process requires that a technician undergo hours of training and testing to obtain the title, it ensures that each individual who participates in this type of continuing education bears the stamp of approval from that particular vendor when it comes to the knowledge and application of their products.

The Orange Crew is pleased to claim these areas of technical expertise:

  • IT infrastructure
  • Networking
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions
  • Office 365

Our staff has also attained the following certifications or education levels:

  • Tech Services Company in Orange County California

    Bachelor of Science in Networking

  • Tech Management Company in Orange County California


  • Information Technology Company in Orange County California


  • Information Systems Company in Orange County California

    Electronics, Engineering, and Networking degrees

  • IT Management Company in Orange County California

    Bachelor of Business

  • IT Services Company in Orange County California


  • Business IT Management Firm