Digital Transformation of Business Processes Requires Regular And Reliable Data Backups Of Company Databases That Store Business-Critical Data.

Nevertheless, it is easy to mess up your data backups if you have no thorough strategy or if you hire inexperienced IT specialists.

A systematic and practical plan for data backup and recovery covers multiple aspects of your overall business activity and requires a detailed assessment of your systems and needs. Just backing up files and folders will not result in a viable data recovery strategy and can cost you time and money to return to business as usual.

Why Does My Business Need Data Backup and Recovery Strategy?

Businesses do less paperwork these days, but it does not mean that you do not store large amounts of data originating from contact forms, customer relationship management systems, enterprise resource planning platforms, and various other business applications.

These are business-critical databases, and in case of unexpected downtime, you need to recover data as soon as possible or incur financial losses. A poorly designed backup and recovery plan results in extended workflow interruptions.

Drafting a working plan for data backup and recovery is a challenge for any small and medium-sized business to do on their own. You need to assess many factors.

  • Where to store the data?

  • What are the data loss risks?

  • Who is in charge of backups?

  • Cloud, on-site, or hybrid?

  • How often should backups be done?

  • How to verify the proper execution of backups?

Obviously, you need professional IT assistance to develop and implement such a detailed data backup strategy.

How Orange Crew Helps You Protect and Recover Data

We backup data saved on your servers and computers and store it on-site and off-site, so you have backup copies from which you can easily recover data – even in case of a natural disaster that limits your access to on-site IT hardware. We use cutting-edge technology to back up all your domain and server data, which enables us to recover it to a cloud working environment should a system crash occurs.

What’s more, Orange Crew implements all the required cybersecurity measures to prevent data loss at first place. We protect you against data loss threats such as viruses, ransomware, hacking attacks, and data leaks, which all can result in losing your data.

Why Choose Orange Crew?

Our certified IT professionals will implement a comprehensive data backup and system recovery strategy that enables you to be back online in minutes and allows recovery of crucial data and systems in no time.

We provide you with a custom solution for data backup, which addresses your specific workflow use of data. Our proactive IT services ensure that we are preventing data loss and data leaks before they occur while we back up your data so that it is secure, verified, encrypted, and easily recoverable.