Office 365 and G Suite Support

How do you make a choice between G Suite and Office 365? Who’s going to support the office productivity platform that you do choose?

Office 365 and G Suite offer a wide range of productivity and organization applications for businesses. Office 365 offers Microsoft products such as Outlook, Word, and Excel, while G Suite offers Google apps like Docs, Gmail, and Google Drive.

Office 365

Office 365 contains apps such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Skype. MS Word is a tool used in the creation and editing of documents. MS Excel is useful in functionalities such as conditional formatting, advanced formulas, and macros. The good thing about Office 365 is that because it is a Microsoft product, it has been purpose-built to interact seamlessly with the broad array of other products and services offered by Microsoft.

G Suite

G Suite is a great option for small businesses. It is an organization, data storage and transmission, and email tool created within the Google package. It is a good tool for users who normally collaborate on documents and want to leverage cloud apps. G Suite’s storage and transmission feature is its Google Drive service. Also, G Suite has an endless number of integrations between Google Drive and other apps, including CRMs.

Price Difference Between Office 365 And G Suite

Both Office 365 and G Suite have base pricing of $5 per month per user. Also, both offer different subscription plans and with increasing price per subscription per person, additional storage, and features. G Suite and Office 365 price plans are similar. G suite offers two small businesses plans beginning from the basic plans: $10/month/ user, to the business plans beginning with $10/month/person. Both G Suite’s basic and business plans include branded email, cloud storage options, and document creation software. The business plan gives increased features, such as increased storage and administrative facilities.

Office 365, unlike G Suite, offers three different business plans. The basic begins at $5/month/user. Microsoft offers a discount on the other two plans: business and business premium plans that cost $8.25 and $12.50 respectively.

Using Office 365, G Suite, or Both?

G Suite can be used alongside Office 365, and many businesses leverage this capability to get the best of both worlds. For example, you may create a simple document with MS Word or a spreadsheet with MS Excel; when you want to transfer that document to your business partner a thousand miles away, you may utilize the G Suite email services. You might alternatively choose to upload those files to Google Drive and send your business partner a link to the location of the documents within the Google Drive.

Office 365 and G Suite Migrations and Support

Decisions about which office productivity suite to use often come down to what suite organizations are used to using. However, with the advance of technology, what your staff is used to using now may not be the best choice for them and their productivity down the road. By consulting with a professional IT services team, you can make the appropriate choice about what system elements best fit your workflow, have someone on your side that can migrate data from your existing platform to the platform of your choice, and have a team to answer your office productivity platform questions and troubleshooting requests.