Traditional Vs. Comprehensive, Proactive IT Support –
What’s the Difference?

The traditional approach toward IT support and maintenance is reactive.

This means a business or organization contacts an IT support specialist only when a problem occurs and then pays for hours of work and materials used to resolve the issue. This practice is outdated and can cost you dearly in the long run as downtimes increase, and you need to contact different IT technicians for various sorts of hardware and software issues.

In contrast, a proactive model of IT systems monitoring enables your business to spot problems before they occur and prevents system crashes, data leaks, or hacking attempts by malicious agents.

Why Shift to Proactive IT Care?

The break-repair cycle can seem unending for companies that only see a repair guy when something goes wrong. It’s no longer a productive model for small and medium-sized businesses, and a growing number of enterprises are shifting toward proactive IT care that minimizes downtime, prevents data loss, and makes computer systems more secure.

The proactive IT support model also results in predictable costs for systems maintenance. This IT support strategy is called Managed IT Services and is a viable method to both reduce operational costs and have a reliable IT infrastructure in place, managed by a reputable third party.

A proactive and automated IT maintenance agreement with Orange Crew provides you with the latest software patches and updates, which in turn is crucial to your overall IT security.

How Does Orange Crew Assist You with Proactive IT Maintenance?

We use proactive network monitoring solutions that track your IT systems continuously to prevent problems and rectify any issues immediately – often before you even notice that anything is wrong! You can also contact us by phone or online chat to have all your questions answered in plain English.

Our IT specialists respond in less than an hour to resolve any issues you are experiencing – many IT problems we can address remotely, saving you the time that it takes to travel to your facility.

All Orange Crew IT professionals have 5-10 years of experience, and we provide them with continuous training to be well acquainted with new and emerging technologies.

We Provide Your Organization With Flat-Rate Packages For Comprehensive IT Care.

The flat rate covers the cost of all the IT system management activities regardless of the issue or the time it takes for us to remedy the situation. Nonetheless, we hardly allow a problem to occur in the first place as we are monitoring your networks and computing equipment 24/7/365.

Orange Crew secures your network and business-critical data against hacking attacks, ransomware, data leaks, and security vulnerabilities, which is of utmost importance in the current interconnected business environment. We help you maintain your compliance with HIPAA, SOC, and other government regulations while enabling you to store customer data in a secure way. Rest assured you can accept credit cards and online payments safely.

We also plan and execute a proactive strategy for data backup and recovery that enables you to return to normal business operation almost immediately should a problem occurs.

In addition to the above services, we can provide your business with a scalable Voice-over-IP service (VoIP service) that cuts your costs and offers more advanced features compared to landlines.