Protecting Your Law Firm Against Cybercrime

The American Bar Association stated that one out of every four law firms becomes a victim of a data breach. That’s a shocking amount, isn’t it? 25% of law firms have experienced the costly aftermath of dealing with disclosed records. Why is this number so high? The answer is simple… Cybercriminals are targeting law firms more than ever before because they’re a “one-stop shop” for data – from case information to communication records to billing information to documents shared with notaries, courthouses, and clients. Law firms handle an immense amount of data, and unfortunately, they’re not often up-to-par in terms of their cybersecurity technologies, processes, and protocols.

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As the Logistics of Managing an Immense Amount of Data Lead Law Firms to Digitizing Their Practices, They’re Facing Serious Cybersecurity Challenges…

It simply makes sense for law firms to digitize their practices. After all, information technology has come a long way and paper is less and less utilized as a form of record-keeping. Plus, lawyers rely on the ability to collaborate with one another – taking advantage of cloud-based tools that allow for anytime, anywhere access to information with the ability to share with others in a moment’s notice. Nowadays, lawyers are using a range of tools, including:

  • E-discovery tools
  • File storage solutions
  • Portable scanners
  • Case management software
  • Electronic document signing tool
  • And much, much more

Naturally, we’re a huge proponent of embracing digitization to enhance your ability to practice law. But as law firms start digitizing their practices, they’re facing more cybersecurity challenges than ever before due to having more entry points into the network. The complications are clear:

  • Poorly patched operating systems
  • Mismanaged mobile devices
  • Unsecure cloud-based tools
  • Outdated firewalls
  • Equipment well-past the end-of-support date

In addition to complications associated with the information technology infrastructure, lawyers also need to be aware of the risk that comes with:

  • Lost or stolen laptops and mobile devices
  • Accidental file deletion and/or sending to the wrong recipient
  • Inside threats, such as untrained or malicious personnel

It’s a whole new world for many lawyers who don’t necessarily know or understand how to stay safe in the evolving realm of cybercrime.

What Do Law Firms Need to Do to Stay Safe Against Advanced, More Complex Forms of Cybercrime?

In an effort to safeguard client confidentiality and keep information out of the wrong hands, law firms must incorporate cybersecurity technologies, processes, and protocols into their practices to stay safe:

  • A multi-layered approach to cybersecurity technology, including anti-virus software, firewalls, intrusion detection software, and more.
  • A password policy that requires all staff members to use strong passwords made of a mix of numbers, letters, and characters.
  • A cybersecurity training program wherein all staff members are shown how to identify and respond to threats on a regular basis.
  • A data backup and disaster recovery plan that incorporates two forms of backups: an onsite appliance and an offsite cloud-based solution.

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