Get a Fast Pass Back to Business with Thorough Ransomware Removal

There is a serious business impact with any type of IT downtime, but ransomware can be particularly damaging. Reboot your operations with trusted ransomware removal experts.  

Far from being an emerging threat, ransomware has now become a full-fledged epidemic that increased 77% in 2019 and cost corporations around the world billions of dollars each year in detection, remediation and recovery efforts. It’s no surprise that there is a renewed focus on ransomware, particularly with the impact that this rampant type of cyber attack has on small to mid-size businesses. As the lifeblood of American commerce, these companies are feeling the pressure to quickly resolve ransomware problems but struggling to find the necessary resources. A smaller business simply doesn’t have the funds available to cover a long and expensive IT outage, often costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and causing up to 60% of companies to fail within six months. Fortunately, there are expert ransomware removal resources in the Orange County area that can dive in and help alleviate the threat.

Why Do I Need Professional Ransomware Removal?

Ransomware is a particularly virulent form of digital extortion where cybercriminals put your files or business systems on lockdown and either encrypt the files or reduce your ability to access them locally or remotely. While the only real solution for ransomware is a full and complete backup, there are some additional steps that professional ransomware removal teams may try before resorting to that step. Depending on whether you have been hit by what’s called “scareware” or true ransomware, there are different tactics that are used to get your business back to full operational efficiency. If you’re fortunate, the type of ransomware that has infected your systems may be relatively easy to remove by your IT team. Other variants are quite complex or evolving and don’t currently have an easy fix available. Professional ransomware recovery services help you walk through the various steps of the process and often include auditing of network access levels and other key indicators to ensure the hackers no longer have access to your systems.

Get Trusted Ransomware Recovery in Orange County

The steps involved in ransomware recovery need to be performed as quickly as possible to help get your business back online. At the same time, you will need proactive audits and there is always the potential of additional remediation that needs to be completed before you can be confident your systems and data are secure. Working with ransomware recovery professionals provides an added peace of mind while also speeding recovery and remediation efforts throughout the process. This can help your staff get back to business more quickly and limit the negative impact on customers.

While the goal is to fully secure your company so you are not involved in a ransomware attack, it’s nearly impossible to reduce the risk to zero. Plan ahead: contact the proactive team at The Orange Crew at 714-510-2053 to schedule your complimentary initial consultation and see why organizations of all sizes trust us to provide proactive cybersecurity support and rapid ransomware removal. We have more than 15 years of experience working with companies of all sizes in Orange County and the surrounding areas, allowing us to hone our skills and processes to serve you more efficiently. Contact us online anytime via chat, or schedule a call with our friendly professionals to see how to improve your overall security posture or remove tenacious ransomware from your systems.