Trusted Ransomware Recovery Services In Orange County

There is nothing like the sinking feeling knowing that your company suffered a cyberattack. How can you begin to recover your operations after a ransomware incident?  

Did you know that ransomware attacks effectively doubled in 2019? These invasive incidents can be devastating for your business, interrupting operations and frustrating customers — not to mention the fallout if any customer or confidential information is breached during or after the attack. Hackers are continually looking for ways to reduce the risk and improve the payout of their attacks, and ransomware is quickly becoming their mode of choice for a fast payday. There are no companies that are completely safe from this type of attack, as all sizes and types of companies are seeing ransomware activity and are often struggling through the steps of ransomware recovery with little IT support.

Comprehensive Ransomware Recovery Services in Orange County

As McAfee’s lead scientist, Christiaan Beek, recently noted: “After a periodic decrease in new families and developments at the end of 2018, the first quarter of 2019 was game on again for ransomware, with code innovations and a new, much more targeted approach”. For each cyberattack, there is also a human cost, from the time spent away from major projects for remediation to the loss of privacy by customers. Fortunately, there are companies that provide trusted ransomware recovery services in Orange County that can help your company get back online and operational rapidly after an attack.

Does Paying the Ransom Guarantee Access to Business Data?

While it may seem like an attractive option to quickly gain access to your systems, experts recommend against paying the ransom. Not only are there no guarantees that you will actually receive an unlock code from the cybercriminals, but you may open your organization up to future attacks as an “easy target” for hackers. With recovery costs for major ransomware attacks leading into the millions of dollars, companies are struggling to get cybersecurity processes, tools and training in place before becoming a statistic in the growing war against ransomware.

Proactive Ransomware Recovery Strategies

Working with a trusted IT services and security provider is the best way to restore data and systems access after a ransomware attack. These professionals have worked with other companies and have a wealth of knowledge and access to advanced tools and unlock codes that it might be difficult for internal IT teams to quickly research and leverage. Each hour that your company is unable to reach business systems causes a level of lost productivity for your staff and high degrees of frustration for your customers. There are proactive ransomware recovery strategies that will help you bring your business back up to speed in days — rather than the weeks that might be required if you attempt to do all of the work internally.

Maintaining a high degree of security for your organization shouldn’t be keeping you and your IT leadership team up at night. When you work with the professionals at Orange Crew, you gain the peace of mind knowing that Orange County’s top IT services company is protecting your organization from cyberattacks. Contact us at 714-510-2053 or chat online with our friendly team to discover how we can help restore your access to critical business data and systems after an attack — or add layers of protection that will prevent future attacks. We have been delivering comprehensive IT services and support to companies in Orange County since 2002, and you can trust that our diverse team improves the security and stability of your business systems.