Do You Need Immediate Assistance with Ransomware Recovery?

When your company is hit by a devastating ransomware attack, you need help pronto. The first few days are a critical indicator of how quickly you can restore operations.  

After you stop reeling from the knowledge that your corporation has suffered a ransomware attack, your first thought is to leap into action. Should you pay the ransom? Do you have the resources necessary to kick start your systems? Do you even have a clean backup from which to begin your restoration process? Even if you have an internal IT professional dedicated to cybersecurity, the job of bringing your systems back from the brink is more intensive than a single individual can handle quickly — and every hour of IT downtime means significant productivity and revenue losses for your business. This is why many organizations turn to trusted ransomware recovery professionals in their area to help rapidly restore operations.

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Ransomware is Dangerous . . . and Growing

With more than 200 million malicious ransomware attacks in 2018, ransomware still isn’t the most prevalent form of malware but it is widely considered to be the most dangerous by IT leaders. In a matter of minutes, ransomware has the ability to bring entire organizations to their knees, reducing access to your critical business data and information systems. Recovering from ransomware requires more than simply inputting a credit card and paying the ransom, there are often multiple steps involved such as buying Bitcoin or other untraceable forms of currency. Even if you do pay the cybercriminals, there are no guarantees that the unlock you are provided will actually work for your system. The only safety net available is to ensure that you have an exceptional backup and disaster recovery strategy in place before a ransomware attack happens.

Finding the Best Ransomware Recovery

In a recent troubling study, more than 75% of mid-size business owners stated that they would pay the ransom to hackers who were holding their business systems hostage. This goes against the advice of nearly every cybersecurity professional, who will instead recommend investing upfront in protection methods such as a secure and reliable backup and quick access to ransomware recovery professionals by partnering with an IT managed services provider. When you have already been impacted by ransomware, finding a trusted resource to help you bring your systems back online and begin the recovery process needs to happen quickly to reduce the overall impact to your organization. Look for a team of IT professionals with experience helping organizations of your size recover from this type of attack. Finding partners that are confident working with your business vertical can help ward off any lingering problems you might encounter based on compliance or data privacy concerns, too.

Ransomware Recovery Specialists in San Pedro, CA

Proactive, smart protection for your business starts with having individuals dedicated to ensuring all potential security loopholes have been secured within your network and that website and email content is being actively scanned at all times. Small to mid-size businesses often struggle with asset allocation for cybersecurity, not to mention the serious shortage of qualified individuals in the cybersecurity field. When you work with an IT managed services provider (MSP), you’ll have access to deep wells of knowledge and a team that is always looking for new vulnerabilities and helping remediate them as they are discovered.

Protecting your organization against the long-term negative effects that can come with a ransomware attack is a serious business, which is why so many companies are turning to The Orange Crew for proactive support before an attack happens. When you are focused on your cybersecurity on a daily basis, you can feel confident that your team can handle any attack with support from The Orange Crew. From proactive backups and disaster recovery planning to active monitoring, The Orange Crew provides ransomware recovery in San Pedro, CA that offers peace of mind to business owners and technology teams alike. Contact our experts at 714-510-2053 to schedule your free initial consultation or chat online with our team anytime.