Outsourced IT Drives Better Operations, Efficiency and Outcomes

Learn how outsourced business IT services can improve your company’s operations, leading to reduced costs, more efficiency and more technical innovations.

Far too many small- and medium-sized businesses rely on overworked internal IT teams to manage all aspects of their technology. Often these teams report to an executive who is ill-equipped with the knowledge and expertise to lead IT strategy and make forward-looking decisions that solve major business challenges.

The result? An IT department that’s focused on “keeping the lights on” — making sure new computers are ordered and installed, or that users’ software questions are answered, but little else.

Your business needs more IT leadership and planning, in addition to better day-to-day management. Outsourcing your IT is an effective way to manage your IT plans.

What Are the Advantages of Outsourced IT?

With outsourced IT provided by an experienced managed services provider, your business will see significant advantages, including:

  • IT Strategic Planning. Developing a strategic IT plan gives your business a competitive advantage, financial predictability and integration of your technologies with other business needs.
  • IT Experience. Partnering with a managed IT services provider gives you access to extensive experience across the spectrum of technologies. You can tap into decades of experience regarding business communication, operational efficiency, data storage, optimization, cybersecurity and other technologies.
  • Cost Predictability. With most managed IT services, you pay a predictable monthly rate for your chosen services. No more paying as you go as new technologies, upgrades or repairs are necessary. With managed IT services, you pay one rate for the products you choose and can maintain a consistent IT operating budget line.
  • Scalability. One challenge common to many small- and medium-sized businesses is the ability to scale. All too often, companies end up buying excess server capacity that goes unused, or have to delay expansion to purchase, install and configure additional servers. With managed IT services, you can scale your data storage needs as needed to meet planned or seasonal business fluctuations.
  • Cost Reduction. With managed IT services such as cloud hosting and cloud backup, you will no longer need to maintain onsite data centers with the corresponding power and cooling costs. You also can reallocate staff IT resources to more strategic needs.
  • Vendor Management. An IT partner can manage your vendor relationships, ensuring that warranties, upgrades and renewals are coordinated and current.
  • Technology Innovation. With a strategic IT partner looking out for your business needs, you’ll have access to staff who are attuned to the latest technologies that can transform your business.
  • Regulatory Compliance. If your company is subject to regulatory constraints, you want to be sure your data is secure, monitoring systems in place and current and reporting is accurate. Proving and maintaining compliance can be the key factor in being eligible for government contracts.

What Types of Managed IT Services Are Available?

At Orange Crew, you can access a full range of IT services that support your business needs. Among the most sought-after IT services are:

  • Help-desk services (many of which are managed remotely) that support network and access issues, hardware and software questions, desktop and operating system support, and on-site and remote support
  • Cabling services to improve internet speed, reduce data corruption and improve the performance of internal networks
  • IT security services that include:
    • Advanced firewall protection and monitoring of your network perimeter
    • Anti-phishing, anti-malware and anti-spam software
    • Content filtering
    • Authentication and password management
  • Data backup services
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
  • Office 365 and G Suite support

Orange Crew supports businesses throughout the Los Angeles area and Orange County. To learn more about how we can help your business, contact us today.