Top Tips for Cloud Migrations and Security

Is your business “living in the cloud” or are you feeling a bit behind the times? You need this quick overview of cloud solutions for Orange County organizations.  

If there is still any question about the feasibility of cloud solutions for Orange County organizations, it should now be put to rest: more than 83% of enterprise workloads are projected to be in the cloud by 2020 according to Forbes. While many companies are seeing AI and machine learning as the primary catalysts for enterprises to make this shift, organizations of all sizes are taking their business to the cloud to help improve efficiency and more effectively manage technology costs. Companies that are involved in digital transformation are the most likely to be investing in cloud-based strategies, as cloud solutions may provide a higher degree of flexibility and quicker integrations with related solutions. While IT professionals still cite cloud security as their primary objection to this type of move, cloud providers continue to invest in security to mitigate that risk. From maintaining compliance to mitigating security risk, here are some of the top tips for implementing cloud solutions.

Cloud Solutions for Orange County Organizations

While each organization is unique, there are some key drivers for success in cloud-based computing. Everything from the culture of your organization to the current software that you’re using and the type of data that is being stored all factor into your cloud readiness. Working through these tips will help you be as prepared as possible before making a shift.

  • Consolidate data sources as much as possible, making sure to audit security levels and note any confidential or proprietary information.
  • Determine whether there are potential cost-savings by moving to the cloud, such as software licensing that fluctuates over time.
  • Create a prioritized list of software or servers that could be moved to the cloud, and define the potential cost savings based on stages of the migration project.
  • Interview and finalize a cloud service or migration team that can share their knowledge and experience to ensure you have a successful migration.
  • Identify software customizations that are no longer in use and could be reduced or eliminated.
  • Create a detailed listing of any compliance and reporting requirements that can be shared with your cloud migration partner of choice.
  • Define the key systems and teams that would be impacted, and identify any upcoming projects that could potentially be impacted by the cloud migration.
  • Work with your cloud services provider to ensure that your customers and staff will not be adversely affected by a shift to the cloud.

Cloud Services In Orange County

Whether you are just getting started with your cloud migrations or have been moving in this direction for several years, the team at The Orange Crew is here to support you during the switch. Our top-rated technical professionals reduce or eliminate the burden on your internal IT services team, providing you with an exceptionally secure and stable infrastructure for your business. Contact us today at 714-510-2053 to learn more about cloud solutions for Orange County organizations. You can always reach us online via chat or schedule your complimentary initial consultation.