Remote IT Monitoring Services Give Your Business Peace of Mind

Discover why Orange County and Los Angeles businesses turn to Orange Crew to protect their valuable technology assets using remote monitoring solutions

Remote IT monitoring is a powerful way to protect your company from unwanted attacks and to ensure that software and hardware are upgraded in a timely manner.

Partnering with a managed IT services provider can keep your company focused on core business needs while having technology experts keeping an eye on your valuable assets.

What Is Remote Monitoring?

Remote monitoring is a group of software tools that collectively monitor the health and performance of your technology. Remote monitoring ensures that your IT assets are optimized and protected 24 hours a day. Tools use advanced automation and AI tools to detect maintenance needs and perform repairs and upgrades automatically. They also serve as a proactive defense, issuing alerts, quarantining suspect programs and access requests before they can do damage to your systems.

A business that does not use remote monitoring ends up taking reactive steps after an incident. These approaches are usually more costly and damaging than remote monitoring solutions.

What Are the Benefits of Remote Monitoring?

Remote monitoring delivers peace of mind and confidence to your employees while reducing costs and uncertainty. Here are a few of the core benefits:

  • Advanced Security. Remote monitoring advances your cybersecurity at every level, including:
    • Protecting sensitive data such as customer financial and personal information, employee data, intellectual property and work files
    • Automatically updating software programs with the latest patches or upgrades designed to keep programs protected
    • System monitoring to identify, contain, analyze and eradicate threats that attempt to gain a foothold
    • Alerts via text message, phone call or email for those issues that cannot be handled automatically and require human intervention
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Initial purchase and configuration costs plus ongoing hardware and software maintenance costs add up quickly. Then there are employee hiring and training costs associated with your technology. Collectively, these costs have an impact on your bottom line. Remote monitoring reduces the budget uncertainty, allowing staff to work on networks, systems and endpoint devices at predictable intervals.
  • Reduced Downtime. When systems and networks are not working, productivity in your workplace can grind to a halt. Your employees still need to be paid even if the lights aren’t on. Downtime can also have an adverse impact on your customers and potential customers who are unable to access websites, shared files or employees who could help them.
  • Less Maintenance Expense. When your business is affected by a security incident, costs rise. Whether it’s recovering lost data or fixing damaged components, a security incident means more money spent. And in day-to-day operations, regular automated updating means fewer ongoing maintenance costs.
  • More Productivity. Employees want technology they know is safe and reliable. That’s a major benefit of remote monitoring. Automation means less human intervention is necessary to complete tasks and workflows, including maintenance and upgrades. Monitoring across locations means improved service levels and business growth.

What Remote Monitoring Solutions Are Available Near Me?

Orange Crew is a top-rated managed services provider serving businesses in Orange County and Los Angeles. Our proactive defenses scan your network at its perimeter, looking for vulnerabilities and inspecting incoming and outgoing files for malicious code. Our proactive services include:

  • Network traffic scanners
  • Source and destination IP address identification
  • Analysis of suspicious network activity
  • Virus scans

Orange Crew offers comprehensive network security services such as data backups, disaster recovery and help-desk services in addition to remote monitoring services. Learn more about how we help protect your business by scheduling an initial free consultation today.