Advances in audio and video technology have transformed the way organizations accomplish business goals. Initiatives that might have ended up tabled in the past due to the expense involved could become more budget-friendly after an investment in core audio and video technology.

These services could be the key to helping your LA or Orange County business expand its customer base in the area, around the country, and even the world. Why don’t we take a look at how specific industries can best leverage audio and video technology, and ways it can improve business interactions?

Expanding Healthcare Access

One of the barriers that can prevent individuals from getting the care they need is a lack of viable providers in their service area capable of addressing their specific needs. What if you are a resident who lacks English language skills with mental health needs? It might be difficult to locate a mental health professional capable of administering care in your native language.

It might not have been possible for that person to get the help they needed fifteen or twenty years ago. Now we have tools like Skype that allows them to reach out to a provider in a different state or even in their home country for help. They get the chance to establish a relationship and connect to a culture of competent care.

While your business focus may not be on healthcare, you can leverage the technology in similar ways. If your Orange County company provides unique services, audio and video technology can help you share them with anyone who needs them regardless of location.

Providing Educational Opportunities

Education is one way to level out disparities in the economic backgrounds of students. Unfortunately, the very students most in need of specialized education services often find themselves cut off because of where they live. The use of audio and video technology can ensure that students receive the same access to educational resources regardless of where they live in a district.

Students interested in programming can gain access to courses in coding and other IT fundamentals. It is possible to make art courses available to creative students geared at giving them the skills to pursue career opportunities in their chosen field.

Districts can make previously recorded lectures available to students who may need to go over a subject several times to nail down core educational courses like Math or English. Video conferencing platforms allow teachers to make content available to multiple students without taking on a lot of additional costs.

Sharing Business Expertise

You can share your industry experience with others by streaming educational sessions live. These lessons can then be saved and promoted on channels like YouTube. Using audio and video technologies in this way allows potential clients to see you in a different light. They gain the opportunity to see you explain your business philosophy in your own words, experience the depth of your knowledge on various topics, and learn more about the company with whom they would be establishing a relationship.

Enabling a Mobile Workforce

You may be a business owner with office branches located throughout California. Your employees may be forced to travel back and forth between them for important meetings without a viable audio and video conferencing infrastructure. The postage costs involved in sending documents back and forth in the mail can be a drain on your financial resources.

Technology like Microsoft Teams changes the dynamics of your workplace by allowing your workers to use teleconferencing for important business meetings. They can share documents in a secured space for discussion and required changes. Business leaders can use audio and video technology to host live events online that everyone can watch from their location.

It can also be used in customer service to improve the overall customer experience with your business. Seeing the face of the person guiding them through their issues can be a difference-maker in the mood of your caller.

The Importance of IT Infrastructure

All audio and video technology need the support of a sound IT infrastructure. You do not want crashes and other glitches harming the experience of those watching you from their video screens. Orange Crew specializes in managed IT services needed to support any audio and video transmissions and can handle the installation of any needed hardware or software.

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