Here Is What Managed IT Services Can Do For Attorneys

For many attorneys, technology is a complicated thing. They’ve been in the legal industry for quite a while, and as a result, they’ve worked without computers and aren’t quite convinced they need to embrace all of the technology advancements coming out. Even if they ARE convinced, adopting the right tools and keeping up with trends can be difficult and overwhelming. We’ve seen this challenge time and time again working with law firms. In fact, we’re located next to several courthouses and city hall. We’ve practically surrounded by attorneys, and oftentimes, we get questions from many of them about how to properly keep up with technology advancements.

And here’s the thing… It’s absolutely necessary to stay ahead of the game in terms of technology, especially as consumers are starting to demand more from the attorneys they work alongside. They want quicker, more efficient legal services and anytime, anywhere access to their case and/or file information. Plus, as competition starts to grow, embracing technology advancements is key to standing out.

So what does the modern law firm need to do, in terms of technology, to succeed in the marketplace?

  • Run in a paperless manner with digital files that ensure anytime, anywhere accessibility in a moment’s notice.
  • Achieve greater mobility with the ability to work productively, communicate with clients, and collaborate on cases from any location.
  • Maintain data security with an up-to-date cybersecurity policy, as well as the right solutions to protect endpoints.

How Do Attorneys Embrace Technology Advancements – Handling Obligations Like Integrating New Software or Ensuring Client Confidentiality – Without Impacting Their Billable Time?

When it comes to embracing technology advancements – from integrating new e-discovery, billing or research tools into the environment to ensuring client confidentiality despite digitization of records – without impacting their own billable time? After all, attorneys are paid on an hourly basis, which means they don’t have time to handle the implementation, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance of their technology to the degree that’s required for modern law firms. The answer is simple…

Law firms need to work with a trusted technology partner that’s able to provide managed IT services to keep them up-to-date on the latest technology at a fraction of the cost of procuring, implementing, and maintaining systems on your own. Essentially, a technology partner will help you select the right mix of hardware and software, implement and configure as needed, and provide the services and support you need to manage everything for a flat-rate monthly fee.

You Need a Trusted Technology Partner That Understands the Legal Industry. Orange Crew is Your Team of LA and Orange County Legal IT Support Experts.

Orange Crew, a team of LA and Orange County legal IT support experts, is able to provide managed IT services to help attorneys embrace technology advancements without missing out on billable time. We do the heavy lifting for you – finding, implementing, securing, and maintaining your systems so you can focus on what’s important: providing an exceptional level of client service. We provide:

  • Onsite and remote support
  • Regular maintenance
  • Around-the-clock monitoring
  • Vendor management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data backup and business continuity planning
  • Assistance with legal application setup/configuration
  • And much more

We also ensure you’re able to maintain client confidentiality with the right tools, processes, and guidance to keep your data safe against threats. We’re able to implement a range of enterprise-grade tools, including firewalls, anti-virus software, encryption, and more while training your staff on how to detect and respond to threats.

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